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Support: $448
Resistance: $463 expected resistance
Bullish Target: $480



-Level 1: $378
-Level 2: $371 
Resistance: $396

Market Outlook:

Expecting a bullish continuation out of the $SPY, assuming the index can clear $463
$QQQ having rejected several times at the bearish 61.8 Retracement is indicative of weakness. 
$QQQ at $371 appears like a good buy with an initial target of $396, and secondary target of $417

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Crypto Majors


Support: $43,947
Resistance: $48,631
Expected Swing Target, & first hedge zone: $58,692
Initial Bullish Continuation Target: $75,916


-Level 1: $3,776
-Level 2: $3,515
Resistance: $4,362
Bullish Target 1: $5,209

Market Outlook:

For $BTC, Bitcoin to experience a bullish continuation, it is mission-critical for the asset to close above $48,631. 
Failure at $48,631 will result in a revisit of $43,947.
$ETH, Ethereum, in similar territory to $BTC, the Asset must clear $4,057 on a weekly close or else a visit to $3,515 is inevitable. 
$3515 is a good discount buy zone, for a sell target of $5,209

Special Interest / Unique Opportunity Charts:

Traditional Assets, Wedge Season

My team and I have identified several assets in a “blow-off, melt-up” wedge formation. 
$AAPL and $COKE have the lead currently, we’re positioned in several of these stocks with OTM, Call in an attempt to capitalize on a large incoming swing. 
Current Stocks we’re trading for the above scenario are, $AMD $AAPL, $AZN, $PFE

Altcoins of Interest

Two Altcoins of particular interest currently, 
$RVN, and $Luna
Assuming $LUNAUSD can close above $84, I expect massive extension move to $126, and then $211. 
$RVN, still in consolidation mode, and is a definite value buy under $0.10

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