George Saber
Fibonacci Specialist

Market Technician
Options & Futures Trader,
Author, and Mentor

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What I Do

Market Technician

Part behavioral science, part math, visually depicted by charts, my specialty is Technical Analysis. I utilize my compounded experience in the various methods of TA to analyze and predict market moves before they happen.


Top Finance Author on Medium since 2018, top 20% Analyst on Cindicator, and currently working on my own book. Accurately predicting larger market swings is my objective, whether prior to a meltdown, a corrective phase, or an reversal and bull-run. My track record of publications regarding violent market turns and sustained runs speaks for itself.

Public Speaking

Conferences, meet-ups, live streams, interviews, and keynote. I enjoy making appearances talking markets, highlighting what I think certain asset classes are poised to do in the near-term, and how to prepare one's portfolio for the next cycle.


Taking traders under my wing and mentoring them is a passion of mine. My edge in markets is Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions, as well as market cycles. When it comes to Fibonacci R&E, traders of all calibers have much to gain by learning this tool from a qualified technician.

Most Recent Workshop

Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions; Hybrid, In-Person + Webinar Event!

Technical Analysis Simplified. A 3-hour, lecture-style workshop, covering the 2-click method of reading charts like a professional.
Learn how to read charts and where to interact with them. When to buy, sell, short-sell, and when to do nothing.

Indicators And Algorythms

Phantom Script:

Unparalleled insight into liquidity; Very much proprietary and stemming from a personal observation turned into a formula, and then indicator. Phantom provides users with a new lens into markets, projecting liquidity zones and pivots into the future. 
It takes all emotions out of interacting with markets and provides counter breakout entries so no bull-or-bear trap is fallen for.

Relative Breadth Index:

Another proprietary indicator that I designed to lead a chart’s momentum. Most oscillators are lagging, RBI is leading, as in if a chart’s momentum is actually bullish, yet it’s experiencing a sell-off or shakeout, RBI will highlight a bullish entry signal. The same goes for false breakouts and market tops. 

Recent Publications

Bitcoin Doom, or New Moon

May 31st, 2021
An analysis and projections of what to expect from Bitcoin during the 2021 sell-off from 64K

$514 to $38k, in 90 days, The Real RobinHood

September 16th, 2020
Taking on a small account challenge.

My Firm:

Past Events

Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions

August 17 2021, Fintech Puerto Rico Presents;  Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions, by George Saber.  Monastery Art Suites

Fireside Chat; Crypto Market Cycles,

June 3rd 2019, Crypto Mondays San Juan; Fireside Chat, Crypto Market Cycles by George Saber. Red Monkey Bar and Grill


Medium Publications

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TradingView Live Streams

Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 12:30 Eastern; Tune in for a market update.